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The high quality, low cost and low environmental impact way to kiln dry wood. Two cubic metres of air dried hardwoods can be dried in a Solar Kiln in West Wales to 10% moisture content in under four weeks.

Low running costs.
The sun provides the heat. The circulating fans and control gear are powered by mains electricity. Weekly cost about 2.

Low environmental impact.
Using a Solar Kiln to dry your planked trunks from thinned woodlands, mature, hedgerow and storm damaged trees, has got to be about the best you can do.

Solar Kiln - The Solar panel faces due South

High quality.
The speed of drying might seem slow but with a little organisation enough dry wood can be produced for a small furniture/woodworking business. The consistently high drying quality from a Solar Kiln is a fair trade off.


Coming Soon

Design Consultancy

Control gear, fans and essential components.

Complete Solar Kilns from
1 cu.m. capacity.

Solar Kilned Hardwoods.

For more on Solar Kilns in Wales, please take a look at my updated PowerPoint Presentation

An introduction to drying wood using a Solar assisted kiln

This presentation was created for the "West Wales Wood Fair" at Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire on April 15th 2003.

For even more on Solar Kilns in Wales please contact me.


Kiln Drying Service:

If you've got some green or air dried planks that need to be kilned then please contact us.

We've got space in our kiln from April 2018.

We can dry a few planks up to a full kiln load of about 70 cu.ft (2.0 cu.m).

Maximum plank length of 12' (3.7m). Prices from 4/cu.ft.

The Old School, Glanrhyd, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire SA43 3PA. Wales. UK.
telephone: 01239 881343    
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