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The Renewable Resource.

We use mainly Oak, Ash, Elm and Sycamore, These woods are tough, have beautiful natural colours and often produce attractive irregular grain patterns. The trunks we use come from mature, hedgerow and storm damaged trees.


Wind Blown Beech.

During the storms of 1996 this very mature Beech tree was blown over in the grounds of a local hotel.

The centre of the trunk was a little rotten, which is typical for older Beech trees. But nevertheless we still managed to recover quite a lot of usable wood from it.

Wind Blown Beech Tree


Cross Cutting

Before saw-milling each log has to be cross cut to remove damaged, low grade and bent parts of the trunk.

Here we are sawing in the traditional way, with a large very old hand cross cut saw.

Normally we use a small chainsaw!

Cross Cutting an Elm Trunk


Transporting Trunks

This Burr Oak trunk came from a hedgerow tree which had been dead for a number of years. It keeled over one morning without any help from the wind!

Trunks like this one are carefully winched onto the trailer, up a pair of ramps. Most of the trunks come from trees grown within a few miles of our workshop.

Burr Oak Trunk - 134 years old


Log Storage

To the left is a pile of Alder thinnings from a forestry management programme. Small diameter trunks take quite a long time to convert into planks but the wood is often very high quality and suitable for furniture.

Wood ready to be sawmilled into planks


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